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    Adam The Last Ancient Staff Member

    So this actually is our current trending search on Google. So by popular demand via Google Search, I present onto you The Octomom, Nadya Suleman, uncensored nude photo


    Keep in mind, she had 8 children, but a lot of people do not know she had some other children before the famous 8. So if people were expecting to see a young teenage or 20 something, "hot milf" .... Your expectations were unrealistic.

    Nadya-Suleman-nude-porn-1. Nadya-Suleman-nude-porn-3.
    Nadya-Suleman-nude-porn-4. Nadya-Suleman-nude-porn-5.
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    TheSource Member Extraordinaire Staff Member Members

    For someone such as her to lower herself even further to the level of where she has to sell her body to pornography in order to make ends meet, I would think that first of all, maybe she should have looked in a mirror or two to make sure that she had at least a somewhat marketable commodity to offer the general pubic....oops, I mean "public". :(:oops:

    Perhaps she should have used her "mechanized friend" pictured with her in some of the photos and maybe, just maybe, she wouldn't be in the predicament that she is in. Ya think? :eek:
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    gerimerrymuffin Guest

    Actually for a woman who has had 14 children she has a good body :) Let's hope she uses the money she earned from this photo shoot to take care of her kids (not holding my breath here) :rolleyes:
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    TheSource Member Extraordinaire Staff Member Members

    Don't worry Geri, there should be "plenty" of money left over after she gets her nails and hair done and when she's finished strolling down Rodeo Drive....:rolleyes:
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    TheSource Member Extraordinaire Staff Member Members

    Judge: No legal emergency in Octomom strip case

    Judge: does not 'constitute a legal emergency'

    Updated: Wednesday, 11 Jul 2012, 4:58 PM EDT
    Published : Wednesday, 11 Jul 2012, 7:02 AM EDT

    • MATT SEDENSKY,Associated Press
    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — An effort to cancel a Florida strip-club performance by the woman known as "Octomom" has been denied by a Florida judge.

    Circuit Judge Timothy McCarthy has ruled against holding an emergency hearing requested by T's Lounge in West Palm Beach, saying the situation does not "constitute a legal emergency."

    T's Lounge was trying to thwart Nadya Suleman's scheduled appearance Friday at a competing club. She had signed a contract to dance topless at T's this week but later backed out in favor of The Playhouse Gentleman's Club in Hollywood.

    That show can go on, though a lawsuit against her filed by T's will likely proceed.

    T's says Suleman backed out of a contract for eight shows set to begin Wednesday, her 37th birthday. Under the contract, she could back out with 35 days' notice; T's says she gave 34. It also barred Suleman from appearing at another strip club within 50 miles and 90 days of her engagements in West Palm Beach.

    T's is seeking damages in excess of $15,000, saying she caused "irreparable harm."

    Phone and email messages left for Gina Rodriguez, a spokeswoman for Suleman, were not returned Wednesday.

    Suleman, who lives in La Habra, Calif., is the mother of 14 children, including octuplets born in 2009. She has struggled financially, recently declaring bankruptcy.

    Suleman has sold photos of herself and her children to tabloids, including a spread of topless photos to a British magazine. She has also agreed to answer pay-per-minute phone calls along with other D-list celebrities and reality television personalities.
    Copyright Associated Press, Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

    source: http://www.woodtv.com/dpps/news/strange/us-strip-club-sues-octomom-for-cancelled-shows-ob12-jgr_4235344
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    Adam The Last Ancient Staff Member

    I really feel sorry for her children. While I do not know all the facts of her life.... I am fairly sure she needs to learn some financial responsibility.

    tBill Guest

    Yep, I definitely would hit it! I'd prolly put at least 10 in her!
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    Fazle Guest

    I'd hit it too. Was thinking about the same shit though. With my luck she'd end up prego no matter what precautions I took

    TheSource Member Extraordinaire Staff Member Members

    Can you guys not see that she is just playing to public sympathy "every chance she gets"? She is nothing more than a "leach" and will glom onto the first sucker she can find.

    No one told the bitch to spread her legs and put herself in the predicament that she is in. People like her is where my sympathy wanes. I do however, have to feel sorry for her kids in the respect of having such a shallow figure for a mother.
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    cocomo Guest

    I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers, or me. LMNAO!!

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